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Interesting Links

Friday 25 June 2004 at 12:30 am Theres a certain simplicity to this type of device that makes me think we should give these to our sales people - Dana Wireless. Its PalmOS, very small and light, can't be infected with viruses or have disk crashes (theres no disk to crash). This has been around once before - Custom Debian Install CD's. Useful for unsupported hardware like the Broadcom gigabit NIC's in the PE 2650's. Why kernel debugging in Linux has a long way to go compared to commercial Unices like Solaris. A small Linux distribution to test hardware - StressLinux. Hasn't been updated in awhile unfortunately. A couple of sites hosting geeky fonts one and two. One day I'll learn some TeX and then this will become a useful resource - LaTeX Tips. I suspect this is an elaborate windup - if it isn't then this guy certainly has the most powerful enterprise class in-car mp3 player in the world. I particularly like the script kiddie one - Unix Koans.

Interesting Links

Friday 18 June 2004 at 9:05 pm How to use Visio to create Active Directory diagrams using the AD schema data as a source of information. Relating Architecture to Website design. This has been around for awhile but its a very well done guide to the Ruby language. Replace the boring A5 notepad with a robust moleskin pad. A robot which will 'spray' walls and possibly create entire buildings like an upscale 3D printer. A great piece of DIY CGI animation (put together on a mid-range Athlon). A list of open source WYSIWYG in-page web editors. PDF plans to make paper Star Wars models A nice X11 application launcher/toolbar - Pogo. As featured on slashdot - O'Reilly have a History of Computer Languages poster.

Useful Windows Tools

Monday 14 June 2004 at 8:22 pm Text Tools - A freeform idea / note taker - KeyNote. Plenty of good text editors to replace Notepad - Context, NoteTab and MetaPad. Network - Firefox and Thunderbird are the browser and mail components of the Mozilla Project. Mozilla Composer is available as a standalone package called Nvu. Putty is the must have SSH client. WinSCP is a gui frontend on SecureCopy for excrypted file transfers. RSS is the efficient way to browse the web - use SharpReader. Utilities - Use 7-Zip for compression. Dependency Walker shows dll use - depends.exe. FileMon and ProcExplorer are two of the many useful debugging tools at SysInternals. For all your Unix needs use Cygwin or a simpler subset of common Unix CLI tools. Clean away adware and spyware with Spybot or Adaware.

Interesting Links

Thursday 03 June 2004 at 11:44 pm A tool to help companies decide wether Open Source will work for them.

Nice ad for DVD player.

A compilation of Perl operators in the form of a table of elements.

A compilation of Common errors in English.

Nice idea -
a reverse lookup dictionary

A web browser adware detector.

A FreeBSD based iTunes server.

Microsoft have release their Threat Modeling Tool. This helps you setup a structure in which you can layout systems and their various weaknesses and entry points in terms of security. Fairly unpolished at the moment but there is a nice sample file in there which shows off some of the tools potential.

Nice breakdown of the CSS Boxmodel.

A little odd considering how small putty is - still I'm sure someone will find JavaSSH useful.

A sourceforge project to enable inplace PHP editing with EditThisPagePHP.

Useful - Project Management Tools & Templates

How to create frames without using frames. What next - a blink tag that doesn't blink ?


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