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Sunday 18 April 2010 at 5:26 pm A place to share Unix environment config files Great idea and resource. Shame I don't do much unix stuff anymore.

All sorts of things are falling under Microsofts new 'Forefront' banner (ISA is probably the most well known) - now their meta-directory product is coming under the same brand Forefront Identity Lifecycle Manager. It still seems overly expensive but the feature-set does look enticing.

Nifty - Why you can't work at work. My most productive time is probably from 7 to 9am - after that my day becomes primarily interrupt driven.

The art of writing is starting to disappear - I'm not a great writer by any means but proof-reading colleagues written work does make me wonder what happened to the education system in the five to ten years I between my schooling and theirs. Writing well, creatively and with humour appears to be a niche Clothing for Correspondence are happy to fill - you send them an item of clothing and they'll write something for you. Their samples are great - particularly the references !


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