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OS X Spleen - Scheduled Reboots & Shutdowns

Friday 21 September 2012 at 4:39 pm Aaargh.

Why the flying fuck can I not schedule a shutdown time that is honored via the Energy Saver control panel ?

Prior to 10.7 if I set a shutdown time the system would shutdown.

Pretty simple, pretty cool, expected behaviour. Very Apple. Nice.

Now, if I do this, may Mac may (or may not) shutdown depending on who (other Mac's to shares) or what (iTunes wireless sync) is connected.

If I cared about syncing or shares I wouldn't schedule a shutdown.

If a setting resulted in unexpected behaviour, then a followup prompt to say "If you shutdown existing shares or synching will be affected are you sure you want to over-ride this and shutdown anyway ?" would be really cool.

Apple, please fix this !!

PS - for those of you that say you shouldn't ever need to shutdown, how about to save power or flush out the OS stack (aspects of which appear to have gotten less reliable with each OS revision) ?

PPS - yes I know I could cut through the crap by using a simple CRON Unix job but why should I have to resort to a command line to do something that has a GUI ?

iPad Spleen - Browser Cache Behaviour

Sunday 02 September 2012 at 10:08 am While the world goes iOS, iPhone, iPad nuts I continue to find it frustrating to use.

Maybe I'm just an edge case and people are so buried in their app-y goodness they don't necessarily care that the tool has some fundamentally frustrating flaws.

Still, its always interesting to see other people express similar discontent at Apples inability to get simple things right. I feel like there should be some kind of support group.

Browser cache, do you speak it?


Browser cache, do you fucking speak it yet??

Citizen Kane Slow Clap

iPad Spleen - Copy & Paste (like its 1984)

Sunday 02 September 2012 at 09:59 am iPads are pretty cool.

They're also massively frustrating.

But why oh why can't I draw or create something in one app and copy/paste it into another (draw something in Adobe Ideas or Studio53's Paper and shift it from one app to the other; I dare you to try) ?

Maybe I'm just old and reluctant to accept change or I'm missing out on something super subtle usability paradigm that obviates the need to readily shift content easily from one app to another.

I'm guessing all of the API's are there and its just app vendors laziness to implement a feature the world has been used to for 30+yrs ?


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