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iPad First Impressions

Sunday 19 September 2010 at 11:14 am I've got an iPad to mess around with for work.

First impressions are pretty positive -

+ Lovely build quality and finish (makes my MacBook feel cheap 'n nasty)
+ Instant on is great
+ Size is just about right
+ Screen is nice (but attracts finger prints and gunk so get a protector !)
+ Very responsive
+ Easy to read
+ Video playback is great
+ Battery life is great
- Doesn't appear to do Bonjour/Rendezvous OOTB - WTF ?! Why can't I see my shared iTunes/iPhoto libraries ? Sure its an oversized iPod but with built in wifi I should be able to share my media transparently
- I find the on-screen keyboard easy to use but the layout isn't great (and why are all the letters in caps regardless of which 'shift' mode you're in ?)
- No stereo speakers (granted a bit tricky depending on the orientation but still . . .)
- Loading apps is a serial experience - why can't I queue a bunch up instead of doing them one at a time and switching context backwards and forwards to the App Store ?
- Never having used the Apps Store before I find the 'lock-in' a bit disconcerting. Why do I need to sign in just to get free apps ?
- Doesn't appear to have a multi-user or 'guest' mode function (even the Newt had that)
- I know everyone bags hand-writing-recognition but it would be a nice to have for the note-taking apps even if you did the HWR afterwards

I've used a Psion, Palm, Newton and Blackberry and the iPad is a definite candidate as a PDA replacement. Its big enough to do a bit of casual work on while svelte enough to carry around. It remains to be seen as to wether or not it can supplant my MacBook as an armchair browsing system.

I don't think I'd consider buying one until it v2 came out with a camera and more polished apps (the hardware itself is great).


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