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Humour - Some Funny Stuff

Sunday 26 April 2009 at 09:04 am Bit of a drought of amusing stuff over the last few months but now theres a bumper crop -

Some people take business cards way to seriously - like this guy. On the other hand these guys definitely have the right attitude. Oh how I laughed.

AutoTuning appears to have taken the pop-world by storm - now see what happens when its introduced into the workplace - AutoTune and the Homepage Guy.

Hipsters appear to be one of those new fangled 'yoof culture' things - now you can laugh at the absurdity of it all with - Look at this fucking hipster. 'Hipster Douchebag' is one of my favourite statements of derision.

I'm new to the Daily Show - having seen a few clips though I can safely say I'm addicted - the funniest clip (among many) so far has to be the expose of Tea Bag Protestors by John Oliver. Its funny and scary at the same time. Love his riff on the nature of true tyranny.

Mildly amusing observation rather than a real funny - Thoughts on Pot vs. Alcohol from a Former Police Chief. Its all about the $$$ - the alcohol and tobacco industry would lose a fortune if it was decriminalised.

A new take on the tired LOLCat Meme - Rolcat - English translations of russian lolcats. Check a few of them out - there are some classics.

I had to add this at the last moment - ID Proponents Talk a Lot About Front-Loading But Never Explain What It Means. I can't believe they list this in a section which purports to provide some standard responses to questions raised about the validity of Intelligent Design. What they appear to say in this bit is that theres lots of cool stuff thats been 'designed' into the natural world with a view to the future. This pseudo science (almost) sounds reasonable until you start reading it and go 'Wait. What?!' and fall over laughing.

I think this is unintentionally hilarious - there were rumours but now it appears to be true - Windows 7 Starter Edition only lets you run three simultaneous apps. WTF ?!

Humour - Pulp Browser

Friday 17 April 2009 at 5:27 pm Another one of those links drifting around the interweb at the moment - check out this fantastic anti-IE screed done in the style of Pulp Fiction - Pulp Browser.

If you view it in IE it won't make much sense as the alignment is screwed up - use a real web browser instead (like Firefox).

Build a Datacentre in 26 Weeks + More

Monday 13 April 2009 at 9:09 pm Pretty amazing stuff - Build a Data Center in 26 Weeks. On a related note check out this video inside a Swedish Datacentre that has 'James Bonds Villain Lair' written all over it - its probably the coolest DC I've seen!

Another datacentre related post - Why do we chill datacentres ?

Genius - Telegram Stop. Send a real live telegram anywhere in the world via your browser for a nominal fee (<$5USD).

See how much water you consume - Daily Water Consumption. Its a fair amount of H20!

Looking forward to this film - Objectified. By the same guys that did Helvetica.

Interesting bit of art and technology - Tweenbots. How willing will people be to help a little robot get from one place to another ? Its a shame they didn't build some smarts or a web cam into the 'bot itself so it didn't have to rely completely on people for direction.

More good advice from Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author of the excellent 'Black Swan') - Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world.

Stock up on these t-shirts in case you're thrown back in time or you have to rebuild civilisation - close up of the information here.

New Header - Cricket at The Basin

Sunday 05 April 2009 at 12:34 pm New header featuring the crowd from day two of the last test against India at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

The Basin is Wellingtons second cricket venue - most big games (ie one-dayers and almost all rugby) goto the newer 'The Cake Tin'. However, the much older Basic has a far nicer family-friendly atmosphere for test cricket as its a cosier venue and everyone is pretty close to the action.

Needless to say we were witness to another Great NZ Cricketing Collapse (can we trademark that?) but most test cricket is about soaking up the atmosphere (or at least thats what I tell myself given NZ's poor performance!).


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